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North Carolina Mozart Festival

North Carolina Mozart Festival 2003
Cardinal Gibbons High School

Cardinal Gibbons High School will present the 2003  North Carolina Mozart Festival at Cardinal Gibbons Theatre Nov. 9,10, 12 at  8:00 PM.

Tickets: $6.00 for individual  Children, seniors: $3.00
Series: $15.00 Children, seniors  $10.00

Order a copy of the N.C. Mozart Festival CD
Send check for $20 includes Shipping and handling to:
Shadowood Entertainment
1514 Shadowood Lane
Raleigh,  North Carolina 27612

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  1756-1791

The fabulous musical exploits of the child Mozart read like legends- but they are biological facts.  As a child of three and a half he would spend hours picking out chords.  At 4 he gave remarkable demonstrations of the Harpsichord.  Three years later he completed his first sonata.  His first Symphony was written at age 8,  his first comic opera at 11,  and his first opera seria at fourteen.  By the time he reached adolesence,  there was seemingly nothing he could not do in music.  A phenomenon like that of Mozart,  said Goethe,  remains an inexplicable thing.  The fulfillment in his maturity of the promises made as a child prodigy are more incredible still.  There was no field of music that was not enriched or changed through him.  No other composer since his time dedicated himself with such intensity,  and with equal creative power to every branch and form of musical composition.  In short,  Mozart the fully mature composer,  can be described as a one time phenomenon in the human mind…  His creative vitality,  measured in the sheer accomplishment,  has not been surpassed by any artist in history.  It is with great pride that the North Carolina Mozart Festival brings it to the concert hall.

The 2002 Mozart festival marks the first time and hopefully not last time that a major professional music event has been held at the Cardinal Gibbons Theatre.  Cardinal Gibbons High School’s music department enrolls approximately 200 music students on it’s new state of the art campus.  With this festival,  a new page of artistic excellence is brought to Raleigh.  Admission to all concerts are free.

For further information contact:
Don Martin 919-522-5840

March 18,  2001
8:00 PM

Overture to the Marriage of Figaro   K388

Horn Concerto No. 1
Andrew McAfee  Horn soloist
Donald Martin conductor

Symphony No. 40  K550
Andrew McAfee Conductor
Members of the North Carolina Symphony

March 19
Duo for Clarinet and Viola
Trio in Eb  Kegelstadt   K 498
Donald Martin Clarinet
Christine Martin Viola
Pianist tba
Madamina  ( Catalog Aria from Don Giovanni )    K527
In Diesem Heilige Hallen from The Magic Flute  K620
Father John Upham soloist

Voi che sapete from the Marriage of Figaro K388
Batti, Batti from Don Giovanni  K 527
Susan Upham soloist

Gloria from the Twelfth Mass
Laudate Dominum from Solemn Vespers for a Confessor
Ave Verum Corpus
Alleluia from Exultante Jubilate  K165
Leah Shishakly  soloist

Cardinal Gibbons Chorale

March 20
Serenade No. 11 in Eb  K 375
Serenade in No. 12 C Minor  K388

Members of the North Carolina Symphony

Please send your tax deductible contributions to:

Cardinal Gibbons High School Music Department
1401 Edwards Mill Road
Raleigh,  North Carolina 27607