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Patrice Kaluza
NAME OF COURSE: Middle School Band Beginning and Advanced
PERIOD:                      Before School  Mon thru Thurs
TEXT:                           Method Books, Essential Elements books 1,2,3 ,sheet music,  some                           instruments
BOOK, MUSIC FEE:  $100.00 per semester

                                     INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS AND COURSE DESCRIPTION

The purpose of this course will be to develop and advance skills in instrumental music by teaching the following:

     Mastery of basic skills on each instrument
     eg. scales, method book, exercises, and other assigned music
     tone production, rhythmn, music reading

1st semester Emphasis will be on basic skills.  Each class will be a combination of work from the method books,
assigned sheet music. There will be one performance .  

2nd semester  Emphasis will be on developing more advanced skills.  Some members will be promoted to Advanced Band

Required dates are as follows:  ( subject to change )

     Schedule 2002-2003

Nov. 2,  2002   7:30 PM
Stewart Theatre  NC State University

Dec. 10,  2002  7:30 PM
Fallon Center OLOL

April 29,  2003 Performance     7:30 PM
Fallon Center OLOL     
7:30 AM

Beginning Band meets Tuesday and Wed.  from  7:30 AM to 8:10 AM
Advanced Band Meets  Monday and Thursday from 7:30 AM to 8:10 AM

For information call:  Don Martin  522-5840