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Patrice Kaluza
NAME OF COURSE: Advanced Band,  Beginning Band
PERIOD:                      5th and 6th
PREREQUISITE:        Experience in band or permission of the instructor
TEXT:                           Method Books,  sheet music,  some instruments
BOOK, MUSIC FEE:  $20.00

                                     INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS AND COURSE DESCRIPTION

The purpose of this course will be to develop and advance skills in instrumental music by teaching the following:

     Mastery of basic skills on each instrument
     eg. scales, method book, exercises, and other assigned music
     tone production, rhythmn, music reading

1st nine weeks- Emphasis will be on basic skills.  Each class will be a combination of work from the method books,
assigned sheet music. There are several performances
2nd nine weeks- There will be at  least 3 concerts (required).
3rd nine weeks-  There will be one required concert at Cardinal Gibbons. Emphasis will be on preparation of concert band literature as well as allstate band requirements.

4th nine weeks- There will be a spring concert at Cardinal Gibbons and  a performance at Graduation.

Required dates are as follows:  ( subject to change )

     Schedule 2001-2002

Aug. 24 Performance at football game    Required
6:30 PM

Aug. 31 Performance at football game    Required
6:30 PM

Oct. 5 or 6  Performance at football game and Homecoming   Required
Time TBA

Nov. 11  Performance at Cardinal Gibbons Theatre  Jazz Ensemble Wind Ensemble   Required
7:00 PM    Report 6:00 PM

Dec. 2   Wind Ensemble at Cardinal Gibbons Theatre     Required
7:00 PM    Report  6:00 PM

March  3  Wind Ensemble at Cardinal Gibbons Theatre    Required
7:00 PM

March 4,5or 6   State Contest   Date and Times TBA   Required

March 18, 19, 20   Mozart Festival    Optional

May 19,  Wind Ensemble at Cardinal Gibbons Theatre   Required
7:00 PM Required

May  25    Graduation  at St. Francis  Required
9:00 AM

I have made every effort to let you know the required dates.  There may be the possibility of others being added.  If this is the case,  I will let  everyone know far in advance.  Missing a required performance unexcused  will result in a failing grade for the nine weeks period.  A studentís job is not an excuse to miss a performance. School comes first.
Also, parents leaving town for vacation is not an excuse for missing concerts.


All required method books, music
Mouthpiece, reeds, etc.
Failure to have these items at each class meeting will result in a 0 for the day with detention or other penalty
Students leave their instruments at school strictly at their own risk. If students leave their instruments at school and they are lost or stolen, their grade will still be a 0 for each day they are not there.
Men: Tuxedo Shirt,  pants,  cumberbund,  Bow Tie
Gibbons band T shirt, sweatshirt     $25.00
Women: Long black dresses
Instrument repair:  a reasonable time will be allowed with no instrument due to repair. Most repair companies will provide a loaner. Excessive repair time  will be counted like a missing instrument.
Any deviation from any of these policies must be made by the band director

Have fun and letís jam.

Sometimes with plenty of advanced notice, you may be asked to come to band at another time during your lunch period.


     60 %  Attendance at concerts and daily grade
     10%   Written assignments and tests
     10% Service hours
     20%   Practice notes. Students are expected to practice on their own. Two hours per week are required.
      This will  be cut in half if the student studies privately
     A missed performance ( unexcused ) will result in a failing grade


I have read and understand the preceding syllabus and agree to all its parts

Students signature___________________________________________

Parents Signature___________________________________________

Trip to Ireland

The wind ensemble and jazz ensemble from Cardinal Gibbons will be traveling to Ireland to participate in an International exchange there.  The cost of the trip will be approximately $900 and will run from
April 1-8,  2002

I am interested in  having  my child participate in this trip subject to details as they emerge


My child will not participate in this activity______________________________

I am interested in chaperoning this trip_________________________________